AUDIO / Leggy’s “DANG”

In the perfect follow up to last year’s release, Leggy’s DANG delivers a double-punch via a contextual flip, trading much of the doe-eyed adoration found in Nice Try for hints at something a bit darker.

PHOTO / The Mad Doctors’ Jort Dad Tour

In September 2015, The Mad Doctors took to the road in search of the country’s loudest music, flattest beers, and dirtiest carpets. What they found instead was the true meaning of friendship, perseverance, and allergies.

Best Albums of 2015

Everyone else was doing it, so I did it too. So much for growing out of peer pressure… Disclaimer: this is not so much a list of critically acclaimed albums as it is a list of albums that came out in 2015 and that I ended up playing on repeat. I tried to keep the…

AUDIO / Stringer’s Debut EP “Dead Ass”

New-ish band, familiar faces. People were sad when Heeney broke up. People were happy when 3/4 of Heeney (Max Kagan, Mark Fletcher and John Spencer) ditched the name, added a member of Bluffing/The Gradients (J Boxer) and formed a new band: Stringer*. The three front men shared songwriting duties for the new EP and it…


Granny would like you to: Join our gang! You’re not alone. Every boy is dumb. Dating is dumb. Heartache is dumb. After bonding on a SXSW tour over being the only female member of male-dominated bands, Leslie (Haybaby), Mattie (Lunchbox), Jenny (Hippy) joked about starting a less-granny-friendly band called Handjobs. That project never made it…

VIDEO / Stove’s “Aged Hype”

Luckily for those who have an Ovlov-shaped hole in their heart following the band’s (final) breakup, Steve Hartlett did not take very long to establish Stove and release a debut LP.

VIDEO / Sex Tide’s “Are You Even Alive”

The track is more post-punk than the psych-pop visuals let on as rainbow overlays give way to images more sinister in nature. Watch the video and check out the rest of their recent EP Vernacular Splatter.

PHOTO / King Pizza’s FREAKFEST @ IDIO Gallery

FREAKFEST 2015 = Lots of King Pizza Bands, friends and… Pizza When Greg Hanson and his band The Mad Doctors wanted to release an album, they ran into the unfortunate reality that there are usually a lot more barriers than anticipated. Instead of taking that fact for granted, Greg decided to launch his own label…