VIDEO / Surfbort’s “TRASH”

No Such Punk ❤ Surfbort. Surfbort ❤ trash.


VIDEO / Soupcans’ “DOB”

Soupcans love smashing things. The Toronto trio has already inflicted pain upon a skateboard. In their new video for “DOB,” they take out their rage on a variety of food products.

VIDEO / Dead Stars “Calm Punk”

If you take anything away from this, you should: know never to judge a book by its cover and get excited for the band’s impending full length.

VIDEO / Stove’s “Aged Hype”

Luckily for those who have an Ovlov-shaped hole in their heart following the band’s (final) breakup, Steve Hartlett did not take very long to establish Stove and release a debut LP.

VIDEO / Sex Tide’s “Are You Even Alive”

The track is more post-punk than the psych-pop visuals let on as rainbow overlays give way to images more sinister in nature. Watch the video and check out the rest of their recent EP Vernacular Splatter.

VIDEO / No Parents’ hilarious “UFOMG”

No Parents happened to be in the studio during the West Coast’s alien meltdown last week and recorded this ditty in honor of the insanity. Dare you not to play this at least three times in a row…

VIDEO / The Orwells’ “Norman” Recut

No one is making it to the sequel of this house-party-turned-slaughter. Last Halloween, The Orwells released a music video for their song “Norman.” This Halloween, they released a recut of the original Stephen Sotor-directed horror scene. Peep the guts and gory below. Blood in my hair, blood on my speakers Blood in the shot glass,…

VIDEO / Savages’ “The Answer”

The premier video from Savage’s upcoming album picks up on the fevered intensity of their sound. One of the first times seeing Savages, I was with a friend who was dancing very similarly to the people in this video’s audience. Unlike the video, she happened to be the only person who was behaving in that…

VIDEO / Dope Body’s “Obey”

Dope Body’s video for “Obey” pits dope (lady) body vs dope (man) body at a sweaty basement show. The video for this extra scuzzy track opens with a young lady popping a cassette of Kunk–Dope Body’s last release–into her tape player. She wanders down the street, dancing along to the scuzzy single and marches right…

VIDEO / Low Fat Getting High’s “Start All Over Again”

Low Fat Getting High combined powers with Stephen Tringali to deliver an exceptionally eerie video for “Start All Over Again.” As the song rages on, the video blurs the line between dream state and reality, never giving clue as to which. Fear-instilling images break the seemingly serene landscape. When combined with the song’s heavy riffs…