PREMIERE / Decoy’s “EP1”

A punk band and a shoegaze band had a baby. It was heavy and noisy and lovely in every way.


Decoy started as a joke project–it’s starting to seem like an awful lot of good bands start that way–when Charlie Ellis (bass, vox) and Matt Bernstein’s (guitar, vox) other project was having a hard time booking shows. With Barry Marino on drums, the trio hit the ground running in 2015. As such, they wanted to hit record as soon as possible, recording most of the tracks live on a Yamaha 4track to capture the energy of Decoy’s live show.

EP1 clearly demonstrates the band’s penchant for late 70s and early 80s punk and post-punk. The rhythm section leans into the tempo. At times, the drums seem to nod to hardcore, but the wash of the fuzzed-out guitars and reverb-drenched vocals pull the band very much out of that genre. The band plays with dynamics throughout the EP, building you up and dropping you (full disclosure: I’m a sucker for the bass slides in “Poison”).

Decoy is playing a tape release show at Kung Fu Necktie in Philadelphia tonight (2/12).go see them and buy one of 25 limited edition tapes.


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