PREMIERE / The World’s Greatest Detective’s “Fedoracore”

A new anthem.


The World’s Greatest Detective started out as a solo project for Alex Heigl at the end of 2014, as one of his bands ended and another one was starting. Heigl, who currently plays bass in Best Behavior, wanted to get better at guitar, so he started writing and demoing. Eventually those demos became 2 Sad, 2 Furious, The World’s Greatest Detective’s second EP (to be released 2/12).

The songwriting is anchored in sincerity. The new track tells it like it is, life will never be easy, it will probably end in disaster, so you may as well live it to the fullest—and throw in a giant fuck you to anyone who tells you not to. The track title references Heigl’s experiences at punk shows in high school when he was wearing sweaters with elbow patches, fedoras, and fingerless gloves (an ode to Tom Waits) amongst a sea of black leather and spikes. Instead of fighting back against the kid taunting him over his “fedoracore” look, he eventually said, “You know what? Fuck it. Yeah. I’m ‘fedoracore.’” This project embodies both his classic rock and punk sensibilities.

“If I’m going down, I’m going down swinging. If I’m going up, I’m going up in flames.”

Stream the new track below and go check out The World’s Greatest Detective at The Gutter on Friday. Plus, tune in to BBOX Radio at 7:30 on Wednesday for a preview of the new release.


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