AUDIO / The Snarks’ “It’s Like… Carpe, YOLO, Man”

Do you like straightforward punk songs? Yeah? Me too.


They’re even better when after a few chords, you’re ready to categorize the vibe to a Ramones-sound-alike only to get sidelined by a wash of surf-inspired guitars. The Snarks are a five-piece project out of Fort Wayne, Indiana and they just released a new EP It’s Like… Carpe, YOLO, Man.

Each song is full of dynamic changes, building, crashing and rebuilding and each song shows of a slightly different side of the band. The EP moves from riot grrl-esque vocals in “Toothache” to what I imagine Florence Welch would sound like fronting a surf punk band in “Space Cases” and back again. It’s good.

Lyrically, the band lives up to its name, oscillating between backhanded social commentary (shout out to Kim K) and statements of rebellion “Don’t tell me what to say/Don’t tell me what to do/Don’t tell me what to think/Don’t tell me what to drink.”

Stream it below and buy the CD (out Feb 6)!




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