Photo: Boy Wonder
Photo: Boy Wonder

PUP is rad and they have been touring like crazy–they had to pull out of a handful of US tour dates due to some severely mangled vocal cords–and now they’re getting ready to release their second album. I first fell in love with PUP via their self-titled 2013 album. To this day, “Reservoir” is one of the few songs I never skip over when I put my catalog on shuffle.

The foursome ooze anthemic pop-punk sensibilities, but avoid landing squarely in the genre. Shouted-out melodic vocals sit over heavier-than-pop-punk riffs that tend to explode in and out of hardcore-esque drum blasting and tempo-pushing, at times brushing up against the edge of chaos.

In DVP, “She” says they need to grow up and apparently PUP agrees, at least musically, aiming for a sound that’s a bit heavier, replacing some of the poppiness with angst and aggression. If this single is any indication, they have nailed their goal without leaving the any catchiness behind.


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