AUDIO / Leggy’s “DANG”

A (slightly) more serious turn for Cincinnati’s Leggy.

Photo: Natalie Palmer

In the perfect follow up to last year’s release, Leggy’s DANG delivers a double-punch via a contextual flip, trading much of the doe-eyed adoration found in Nice Try for hints at something a bit darker.

Though they don’t entirely give up sweet, reverb-drenched vocals, they are thrown into a blender with tongue-in-cheek lyrics, heavier guitar riffs, Big Muffed-out bass lines and frantic drums for a tasty treat*. The new songs allude to falling down a rabbit hole of partying hard, sticking around for relationships that you probably shouldn’t

Like a baby smoking cigarettes
or a lash against the cornea
you are abrasive and offensive
I really gotta stop rewarding ya

and realizing that none of it is exactly good for you.

And I’m done kissing boys who can’t even hold my attention
and I’m done thinking things perpetually making me sadder

If anyone has survived their twenties without inevitably dealing with all of these themes, I would like to give them a medal. DANG avoids self-pity, opting for a tone that is more empowering, confronting issues both external  and internal.

Stream the kick-ass EP below and buy their tape from MANIC STATIC.

*Leggy describes themselves as “blond-heavy nü garage indie punk poptarts.”


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