Granny would like you to: Join our gang! You’re not alone. Every boy is dumb. Dating is dumb. Heartache is dumb.

Photo: Seth Applebaum

After bonding on a SXSW tour over being the only female member of male-dominated bands, Leslie (Haybaby), Mattie (Lunchbox), Jenny (Hippy) joked about starting a less-granny-friendly band called Handjobs. That project never made it past a punch line, but Granny has made its way into reality.

Kicked off as a duo, Leslie and Mattie started playing together in early 2013, delivering honest (and often sassy songs) about boys and heartbreak.  The pair courted Jenny after her band’s breakup until, she happened upon a Granny show about eight months later and decided it was time to join the band. With the full lineup in place, the trio went into the studio to record their first full EP, EGG, to be released on December 21st at Palisades.

The debut single, “Text Me,” is pretty universally relatable. Have you ever been subject to unrequited love? Have you ever been subject to unrequited text messages? Relationships were difficult enough to navigate before being constantly attached to one’s cell phone. Though a potentially sad tale, there is no “sad boy” subtext. Instead, the heavy bass line and thudding drums bolster the sense that the object of desire is probably not worth a second thought.

Listen to the track below, get excited for EGG and go to the show on December 21st.

Upcoming shows:

Monday, December 21 – Palisades – Granny (EP Release!) // Retail // Half Day (Reunion Show!) // THICK



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