FEATURE / The Teen Age

Self-proclaimed “doo-wop garage” band The Teen Age excels at concealing slightly darker themes in layers of pop melodies and fuzz.

Around for just over two years, The Teen Age has spun out a handful of releases and videos, mostly drawing on experience for content. Whether it be getting over a breakup, a love affair with liquor or getting 86’d from of a bar, most teens-to-thirty-somethings in New York can relate.

With even the best intentions, it can be hard to stay out of trouble. Apparently these boys can’t even have a pizza party without ending up battered and bruised.

Listen to the band’s most recent release below, out and come back to check out some of the CMJ madness from their point of view.

Upcoming shows:

Wednesday, October 14 @ Pianos (NYC, CMJ)Jane Decker, The Teen Age, Automagik, The Glazzies, Left & Right, Pompeya

Friday, October 16 @ The Vulcan Room (NYC, CMJ) – Monograms, Best Behavior, The Morgues, Racoon Fighter, Sodium Beast, The Teen Age, Little Racer, Surf Rock is Dead

Saturday, October 17 @ Elvis Guesthouse (NYC, CMJ) – !!!, Little Racer, Weekender, The Muscadettes, Van Rivers, Justin Strauss

Saturday, October 17 @ Fulton Stall Market/South Street Seaport (NYC, CMJ)Others, The Album Leaf, Celestial Shore, Michael Rault, Haley Bonar, Dirty Ghosts, S, The Teen Age, ARMS, Tiny Hazard, Lazyeyes, Spritzer, Emefe


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