AUDIO / Stream Haybaby’s “Elevator Song”

Haybaby dropped a new single yesterday and it’s awesome. haybaby

“Elevator Song” is the third single that dropped ahead of Haybaby’s LP debut Sleepy Kids to be released 10/23. Similar to “Her” and  “Doored.” In a world where musical silence and space are often filled, buffed and polished away, this track is refreshingly free of over-production. Haybaby’s melodies are both deliberate and concise. The band crafts beautifully layered songs that swell and contract without excess. The lyrics guide the listener through the complexities of feeling stuck, when the reality of the relationship is no more disappointing than the thought of giving up a future based on what could be.

“It only hurts because I saw how it could be and it looked great.”

Listen below.

Upcoming Shows:

Saturday Oct 3 @ Palisades – Diet Cig, PWR BTTM, Air Waves, Haybaby


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