AUDIO / Stream Acid Dad’s “Grim”

Acid Dad gets psych-ed out on their new track “Grim.”

Photo: Rick Perez
Photo: Rick Perez

Brooklyn’s Acid Dad debuted their new track, “Grim,” earlier this week via CMJ. The track is reminiscent of other “psych-” contemporaries, but is distinctly poppy with catchy hooks replacing gloomier riffs often found in the genre.

Listen to the track below and catch the boys at one of their CMJ shows.

Upcoming Shows:

Tuesday, October 13 @ Good Room (NYC, CMJ) – Tall Juan, Surfbort, Savants (NYC), Worthless, Navy Gangs, Acid Dad, The Casey Hopkins Duo, Gods, and Watermelon Sugar

Thursday, October 15 @ Our Wicked Lady (NYC, CMJ) – LODRO, Vomitface, Parlor Walls, Dead Waves, The Wendigo, Cool Ghouls, Sharkmuffin, Acid Dad, Baby Acid, Fruit&Flowers

Friday, October 16 @ The Wick (NYC, CMJ) – Phony Ppl, Dent May, Lazyeyes, Fraser A. Gorman, Corbu, The Britanys, Sam Cohen, Piers, Acid Dad, Frankie Cosmos

Wednesday, September 23 @ Union Pool (NYC) – Acid Dad, Dinowalrus, Cloak, The Flag

Wednesday, October 28 @ Shea Stadium (NYC) – Froth, Honduras, Dances, Acid Dad

Tuesday, November 10 @ Baby’s All Right (NYC) – The Brittanys, Acid Dad, Triathalon, Tall Juan


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