3 girls + 1 guitar + 1 bass + drums = pop punk goodness that will make you want to revive and relive all the Blink-182 albums once jammed into a giant CD travel case.

11146554_360531660824801_3069937702924676003_nBased in Brooklyn, the three piece–Nikki (guitar, vox), Christine (bass, vox) and Shari (drums, vox)–pumps out party anthems. The beer-soaked tunes are as infectious as their attitudes. If you are able to make it out of a night of shows with these girls without a giant grin on your face–and probably a handful of bruises–you are not human. Click below to stream their upcoming EP.

Upcoming shows:

Saturday, October 3 @ The Gateway – Ghost Punch, THICK, VAMANOS, Spacer

Saturday, October 17 @ Mucmore’s (CMJ) JPNSGRLS, Be This Bell, Crown The Invisible, Programm, THICK


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