FEATURE / Haybaby

Haybaby (n): an adult-sized baby-like creature who shares their feelings with the world via singing, screaming and shredding instruments.

Photo: Chellise Michael
Photo: Chellise Michael

Also known as one of Brooklyn’s best and hardest working bands. The latter title well-earned. The band–composed of Leslie Hong (vox, guitar), Sam Yield (bass) and Jeremy Duvall (drums)–is about to debut their first LP, Sleepy Kids, available for pre-order from Tiny Engines (Cayetana, Beach Slang, The Hotelier). Having released only a few recorded tracks along the way, Sleepy Kids is a leap towards capturing Haybaby’s live appeal.

If you haven’t seen them yet, you should. They play often (check upcoming shows below), so you don’t have much of an excuse. At shows, the band leaves everything on the stage. Leslie’s energy is simultaneously frenetic and vulnerable, delving lyrically into histories of past friendships, lovers, at times seeming on the brink of emotional combustion. The guitar and bass melodies pay off one another, creating tension and release.

Peek this track from the forthcoming album below and go see a show.

Upcoming Shows:

Friday September 25 @ Baby’s All Right – Dances [album release], Friend Roulette, Zula, Haybaby

Saturday Oct 3 @ Palisades – Diet Cig, PWR BTTM, Air Waves, Haybaby


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