AUDIO / Haybaby’s “Joke/Rope”

“Joke/Rope” offers two paths when faced with a less-than-ideal reality: one can choose to laugh it off and make light of the situation or feed the anguish.

VIDEO / Soupcans’ “DOB”

Soupcans love smashing things. The Toronto trio has already inflicted pain upon a skateboard. In their new video for “DOB,” they take out their rage on a variety of food products.


Music preference is largely subjective. So, here’s the first guest playlist. The parameters of the request were pretty simple: make a playlist of things you like.


YES. NEW. PUP. PUP is rad and they have been touring like crazy and now they’re getting ready to release their second album, DVP.

VIDEO / Dead Stars “Calm Punk”

If you take anything away from this, you should: know never to judge a book by its cover and get excited for the band’s impending full length.