VIDEO / Soupcans’ “DOB”

Soupcans love smashing things. The Toronto trio has already inflicted pain upon a skateboard. In their new video for “DOB,” they take out their rage on a variety of food products.


Music preference is largely subjective. So, here’s the first guest playlist. The parameters of the request were pretty simple: make a playlist of things you like.


YES. NEW. PUP. PUP is rad and they have been touring like crazy and now they’re getting ready to release their second album, DVP.

VIDEO / Dead Stars “Calm Punk”

If you take anything away from this, you should: know never to judge a book by its cover and get excited for the band’s impending full length.

AUDIO / Leggy’s “DANG”

In the perfect follow up to last year’s release, Leggy’s DANG delivers a double-punch via a contextual flip, trading much of the doe-eyed adoration found in Nice Try for hints at something a bit darker.

PHOTO / The Mad Doctors’ Jort Dad Tour

In September 2015, The Mad Doctors took to the road in search of the country’s loudest music, flattest beers, and dirtiest carpets. What they found instead was the true meaning of friendship, perseverance, and allergies.

Best Albums of 2015

Everyone else was doing it, so I did it too. So much for growing out of peer pressure… Disclaimer: this is not so much a list of critically acclaimed albums as it is a list of albums that came out in 2015 and that I ended up playing on repeat. I tried to keep the…